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Aubrun, l'absolue peinture

October 2012 - 312 pages,
Les Cahiers dessinés.

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« The sky, a tree, a rock: they all weigh the same. You can breathe in a tree just as you can a boulder swollen with heat. There is no sky: it is a wholeness, it is a bath. I would really love to paint space; I would really love to paint the fleeting shadows on the rocks. »
Aubrun Gallery poster JC Riedel, 1987 Aubrun Ô quai des arts poster, 2004 Aubrun Berbie Palace poster, 1978 Aubrun Alechinsky Tal Coat group exhibition, 1971 Aubrun Galerie 7, 1969 Iscan Aubrun Vieux Cagnes, 1968